Archives – Our link to the past

This is the “Proof of Concept” page for the speedskating “Stone Soup ” project.  It’s an effort to preserve the legacy of speedskating.

The items contained within this page have been digitized by volunteers and placed here to honor and acknowledge contributors to our sport.

If you have any items to add, please contact us:  click to open the contact page 

Scanned information would be great, but we can scan if you want to send us original material.

For years the ASU was the governing body for speedskating.  It was run by an amazing group of volunteers and families throughout the  country.

Looking through some of documents, you will see future Olympians, World Team Members when they were youngsters coming up in the sport.

Your donations will fund our scholarship program. To date almost 100 scholarships have been awarded to deserving competitors and contributors to the sport