The Internet is slow, what happened to my email,  why does my computer keep spinning?

 At Networkistics,  we understand how things work.  Many factors can cause issues with your computing experience.

  • Virus / Malware scanning and removal
  • Browser tuning  – Pop-ups? Extra Toolbars, Slow performance
  • Hardware issues – failed hardware, drivers
  • Network connectivity – is the problem really with your computer or is it your ISP?
  • Network usage – Is someone downloading or uploading movies on our network while you are trying to work?
  • Server issues – How’s your server doing, is it running efficiently

Protecting your data

Most businesses have sensitive data.  Some items should only be seen by certain individuals.

  • Security Polities – Should the telemarketers have access to human resources files
    • A disgruntled employee just deleted accounting files

Is your data backed up?

  • Backups – Someone accidentally overwrote last night’s Quickbooks files…  Can you restore an older version of the file

We make your network work faster

Why is this website slow? Why do my IP based phones sound so bad?

  •  Networkistics will analyze, recommend, acquire and implement solutions for performance and reliability issues with your network.
  • Not all networks are the same. Every business has it’s own set of requirements,  cost, performance, reliability.
  • We handle the available vendors for your location.

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